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Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that Mother Nature is always easy on us. The sun can be much too intense to enjoy time out on our decks, the mosquitos can hunt us down, and the rain can ruin an event you worked hard to put together. Let us build you protection against one or more of these elements so that you can fully enjoy your deck, whether it’s a new deck we’ve built for you, or an existing deck you’d like to enjoy more often.

Why We’re The Best Choice

We do things that others leave out. Although we’re not the cheapest company in town, we’re well-known to be a good value because we tend to build everything on overkill standards because we like what we do, and because we care about what we put our name on. Only good companies stand the test of time, and we plan to be in the Kalamazoo area for a very long time.

  • Frame sealing (pictured left) – This prevents the frame from absorbing water, allowing it to last much longer.
  • Concrete footers – Depending on the soil of where you live, we will pour a concrete foundation so your deck never sinks.
  • Extra hardware – We use steel hangers and plates to keep joints together, providing you with a safer place for your family.
  • Non-stop progress – From start to finish, we’ll be there every day, not leaving you to work on another project.
  • Friendly crew – You’ll be greeted every day with a smile and upbeat attitude, and we love dogs too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, it is a better idea to use wood flooring and railings in areas of your yard that do not receive more than a few hours of direct sunlight a day. It is a little known fact that wood stands up better against water than it does to the sun. Not only can the sun cause the wood to split causing nasty splinters, but it also causes dry rot, which is just as fast as rot caused by water.
That depends on how intricate you want your deck to be, but in most cases we are finished in 2-3 weeks.
Yes we can, and this is a popular choice because railings are the most expensive and time consuming part of a deck to stain. If only the floor needs staining, it’s a quick and simple job that can be done in one weekend you have free. This choice is the best balance for most homeowners.